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AZ Engineering offers NighTec® products for business customers and consumers. The products are mainly raw materials and semi-finished products which are used by our customers for producing their own afterglow and lightrecycling products. Products like paints, handicraft material, raw materials for applications with home improvement, recreation-oriented products, hobby, etc.

This material is unique, absolutely non-toxic,
has liberation for toys and is EU-certified.

    Afterglow Pigments - Aqua
geist_malen The NighTec® complex is an inorganic high performance afterglow luminophore which comes as a powdery pigment. NighTec® provides a standard version and a water protected version.
Additionally to the luminophore itself, NighTec® provides a modular system for both waterbased and for solvent-based systems. This modular system also contains additives that prevent pigment settlement.

The NighTec® complex is an ideal system for introducing the afterglow effect into your own formulations.
  Application examples:

Water based paints, resin
applications, paper, toys, solvent
based paints, printing inks, wall
paints, textile inks, enamel,
thermoplastics, resin coatings,
lacquers, effect materials,
foils, safety materials.

Wall paint
wallpainting Safety markings
door handle Door handle
    Injection Molding Granulate / Universal Masterbatch
granulat The NighTec® injection molding products are available as compounds, master batches and universal masterbatches. The NighTec® compounds can be processed directly and have a standard NighTec® quality glow. NighTec® masterbatch systems are highly concentrated photo-luminescent injection molding granules and are to be used as a percentage by weight of the total mixture for an individualized glow effect. The universal masterbatch is a versatile masterbatch compatible to a set of predetermined thermoplastics. The NighTec® masterbatch can be custom manufactured to meet our customers’ plastic carrier specifications.

Injection molding granulate with afterglow effect. Compounds for direct processing,
masterbatches and universal masterbatches for individual dosages of the afterglow effect.
Available in different plastic carriers and in a universal carrier.
    Screen and Textile
Printing Inks
geist_malen The NighTec® textile ink is a high quality water based textile ink perfect for printing, coating and handicraft. The NighTec® textile ink can be printed directly on the textile or white prepared base layer.

After drying, the whole system should be thermo-cured to improve adhesion. Solvent based and uv-curing systems available by special request.
    Designer Lampshades
By Ines Gebhard.

The lampshades with design names “Good night, Edison”, “Tesla” and “Curie” honor some of the most influential inventors and physicists of the last century. It all started with “Good night, Edison” which was caused by the end of the standard light bulb since it faces a harsh regulation currently worldwide which cause the classical light bulb to disappear by laws. As soon as you switch of the light this lampshade shows a light bulb outline as glow in the dark screen print. The other lampshades “Tesla” and “Curie” show abstract forms of the work of these two inventors and physicists.

Please feel free to ask for more information about implementing your own designs.
Just ask us for more information about the products!
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