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The Afterglow Effect
The effect of afterglow lighting is that of “phosphorescence”. This is often confused with “fluorescence”. This term was named based on the element of “phosphorous”, which has a natural afterglow observed by the alchemists in the 17th century and so named. The element phosphorous is not used in phosphorescence nowadays. With phosphorescence, the luminescent materials charge themselves in UV- or black light and then illuminate in the dark. In public this effect is often called “glow in the dark”. The luminescent materials do not contain any phosphorous either.
  This material is unique, absolutely non-toxic, has liberation for
toys and is EU-certified.
Afterglow Pigments
The NighTec® complex is an inorganic high performance afterglow luminophore which comes as a powdery pigment. NighTec® provides a standard version and a water protected version. Additionally to the luminophore itself, NighTec® provides a modular system for both waterbased and for solvent-based systems. This modular system also contains additives that prevent pigment settlement. The NighTec® complex is an ideal system for introducing the afterglow effect into your own formulations.

Application examples:
water based paints, resin applications, paper, toys, solvent based paints, printing inks, wall paints, textile inks, enamel, thermoplastics, resin coatings, lacquers, effect materials, foils, safety materials
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