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noctilucent glow in the dark PRODUCTS!
  This material is absolutely non-toxic,
has liberation for toys and is EU-Certified!
  The noctilucent glow
in the dark
  We offer various products for business customers and consumers. Raw materials and semi-finished products which are used for producing afterglow and lightrecycling products. Products such as: paints, handicraft material, raw materials for  various applications, hobby, etc.
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  Afterglow pigments
NighTec® is the inventor of light recycling and afterglow products. All products are charged by natural and artificial light. This energy is stored in the product during the charging processand is later re-emitted when the products are exposed to darkness.

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Moonlight Golfing is an absolutely new and unique illumination system that allows golfers to keep on playing golf after sunset.
The Moonlight Golfing System is a quick return on investment, high quality and absolutely new and fantastic golf feeling!

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Red Bull Hornussen
Am 27. Juli findet in Zuchwil das erste Red Bull Hornussen statt. Der Sport, der auf einem Feld ausgetragen wird und wie eine Mischung aus Golf und Baseball anmutet, ist eine der letzten Bastionen für echte Männer.
Zeit also, dass dieser Sport eine Renaissance erfährt.

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